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Nature bears wisdom

Maybe we are dreaming live into living. Since most of what materializes starts deep in our awareness long before it manifests in physical reality.

Isabel Bommer



What a pleasure that your way led you to this site. I know that the English section not yet offers a complete translation of all I share on the German pages. I might follow up on that with a little more time. Meanwhile, I would not want to miss sharing with you what might be important and is at hands. So feel warmheartedly wellcome to flip through these lines and connect whenever you feel it could help you yourself – or the team and organization you are working with.

Whenever I talk about psychotherapy, coaching, counselling, organizational design, my whish is to make you feel and aware that we are more than just our physical representation, facts and measures. Bio-medical or economic paradigms, thriving for rationality, efficiency, wanting to repair or extinct our so called „deficiencies“. will not suffice to inspire what we will need: Re-creation. Co-creation. Unfolding of potentials.

This is about wholeness, acknowledgement of so far marginalized tendencies in us or in a group, about callings of an essential core – be it an individual’s, an aggregated entity’s, or a universal evolution. It is about establishing a friendly relationship with yourself, about strengthening inner leadership (or trust in our higher selves). It is about relationship, the emotional economy in partnerships and businesses, and a an intrinsic whish to build something greater and purposeful together with other beings. 

So this is your landingpage if you are in search for new ideas, perspectives, and paths from inner work to world work. From understanding the dreaming of body and soul, displaying severe and chronified symptoms, to unfolding a groups essential sens for community underneath conflicts and diversity. 

I shall be more than happy to support you. It might be helpful to get to know a little more about me and my way of work here. And am, of course, looking forward to your message or call.

Was brauchst Du?


Living and working abroad can be very exciting – and very stressful at times. A foreign language and culture, a different and unknown environment, numerous new contacts and only few friends, feelings of isolation or misunderstanding and a lack of possibilities to express one’s thoughts and personality: All this can produce high pressure and serious mental and somatic disorders.

Should you feel lonely, depressed or burned out; should your work or family situation provoque serious conflicts; should you have the impression that the challenges exceed your coping strategies; should you seek support in English or Spanish and do not know who to turn to:

Just mail or call 069-79 30 99 80.

Remote sessions possible
(via Zoom or Skype: ibommer – Frankfurt)

Coaching / Supervision

Proximity, distance, limits. How do you create professional relationships with clients or in the team? Let us find new perspectives on what you would like to develop in working with clients and colleagues and the essence of your entire team.

For teams, supervision is an opportunity to define or negotiate how they work together, to design relationships, and to receive support in projects and daily activities. It’s about trust, roles and ranks, shared values, goals and visions. It is about open communication, knowledge transfer, interpersonal relationships, meeting at eye level.

We can develop this spirit, opening new paths and moving them forward. Together. For individual offers, Just contact me.

Isabel Bommer (*1967)

Since November 2003 I have been working as a practinoner for psychotherapy in Frankfurt. I support my clients with Procceswork (A. Mindell). Gestalt Therapy (Fritz Perls) and awareness methods (such as meditation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and Autogenic Training). Sometimes, I initiate Body Work, Creative Writing, Psychodrama, and other sorts of expressive techniques to encourage and facilitate reconnection to an essential core (inner leadership), unfolding of potentials and self management.

I completed my training as systemic Gestalt Therapist at the Gestalt-Institut Frankfurt (GIF), Fritz Perls Institut (FPI)Hueckeswagen and Milton Erickson Association (M.E.G.) for clinical Hypnosis. Since then I have been supporting people, couples, families, teams, and organizations with conflict, crisis and change management in privat and job-related situations.

Only after I got in contact with Processwork and Essential Core (Maria Sanchez) and began to integrate these with spiritual concepts of a higher self was I able to transform my 35 years lasting bulimia.

Today, it is this kind of deep and sometimes spiritual change that I am working on and for. Additional training as Coach and Supervisor as well as long term experience in internal communications consulting, culture and change process management give me a strong foundation to also help teams and organizations find solutions, untap marginalized potentials – thus enhancing resources, incorporate their essence level and extend capacities for New Work and purposeful Co-Creation.

My qualifications are certified by Vereinigung für Gestalttherapie (DVG) , European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) and the Agile Community (scrum.org).

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